It’s 2017!

Amazing isn’t it? Amazing how it is now the 1st day of Jan 2017.


I remember thinking as a young teen that 2017-2020 was so far into the future that for sure by then we’d all be flying cars (just like the Jetson’s jetsons) and communicating with aliens, or even sharing our planet with them (like that would work, consider how we can’t even share it well with each other!). I even remember thinking that we’d catch a few rides with them on their fancy spaceships imperium_spaceship_concept_art_02 and get to vist their worlds in awe and in wonder that they exist and that we’d be actually in their ships flying there. Then after some further thought I discounted the thoughts of aliens and space travel and very quickly I thought it’s best if they don’t know where we are. I mean. What if they’re sinister and not friendly? (War of the Worlds comes to mind) etc., I decided I’d settle for the flying cars and sky high residence way up into the stratosphere. Ahh I think that was a safer option. Maybe? Hee hee.

And well, it is now 2017 and none of these things exist, yet. So yeah. The imagination of my teens was way ahead of myself, I think, and it was just some fanciful futuristic thoughts that were neither here nor there, if you know what I mean?

At midnight, I watched the Sydney fireworks on the television and then when it was all done, I promptly took myself to bed.

And of course, I had to start thinking about NYE, didn’t I? I thought about how much hype goes into a calendar day such as NYE, Christmas and Easter, and how much effort is put into it each and every event across the world by event organisers. It amazes me how each year, for a brief moment in time, most of us will gather together somewhere expecting some free entertainment, such as fireworks or balloons, or whatever it is that gets thrown up into the air, so that we can all cheer, smooch, hug, and whistle off the year that went by only seconds before.

And what about the litter that is left behind? All over the world, people leave their litter all over the place with no regard to it, and they seem to behave the same way everywhere. What makes them think it is OK to leave their rubbish on the ground for someone else to clean up after them? Shame! Is this how we thank the organisers for all their efforts? Surely we can all do a lot better than that?

Anyway, I was at home, in front of the television, watching it all unfold before my eyes.


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