At the hairdressers

One day at the hair dressers I had 3 people attend to my hair.

My usual hairdresser was on maternity leave, so I had one woman tint my hair, shampoo and condition it too, and this was then followed by another woman who trimmed my hair. Then there was a hand over to dry my hair after my trim.  A male hairdresser, he took over this task and he asked me if I minded him drying my hair. I didn’t mind. Of course not.  I’ve seen him in the salon countless of other times before, tending to other customers, so I wasn’t concerned. Why would I be?

So I said that he will just be drying my hair, what harm was there in that? He thought I was being funny and he chucked out a laugh.  In conversation with me, he shared an account about wanting to buy a dog. As he was sharing his thoughts and feelings about buying a new dog, he said that he was really keen on buying a Labradoodle, but because he and his wife have never owned a dog before, he said that he was a little concerned about how they’d handle owning a dog, but this didn’t stop him from being very keen on buying a dog.

I told him how I owned a toy Cavoodle. As he listened to my account of my dog, he got more and more excited about the prospect of owning one himself, and again, he said that he would definitely be getting a Labradoodle now. I mentioned how a Cavoodle, and a Labradoodle are very similar breeds sharing the same temperament, relationship with others, and in how they are managed overall, etc.

He was drying my hair and talking at the same time, as hairdressers do, and envisioning himself with a Labradoodle, when out of the blue, he started patting my head really hard as if he were patting a dog on it’s head. At first I wasn’t sure what the hell he was doing. I had an inner giggle at him as I saw how dreamy his eyes looked as he imagined himself with a Labradoodle.  The hard pat on my head was a just a reflex coming from his dreams. He continued talking and within less than a minute he again began patting my head really hard, only this time, the patting on my head was starting to hurt me now, and I asked him to please stop patting my head so hard, because it was hurting me.

He suddenly stopped and apologised profusely. He was so embarrassed. He’d realised he’d gotten carried away with his dreams of owning a dog, and so to not make him feel too bad about it, I told him that I was sure Elmer Fudd didn’t like Bugs Bunny’s treatment of him neither.

Well, that made everyone present laugh out loud, and again he was very apologetic.  His wife came to my rescue and sent him away to please go and have a break. More apologies bestowed upon me, as I said it was OK and that he meant no harm, and not to worry about it.

He was out of sight for a short minute. (Yeah I know, I minute is a minute.  It’s neither short or long. Humour me please!) As his wife dried my hair, the lady that cut my hair came over and took over from her, and again, more apologies. She looked at my hair and said that it wasn’t her style of drying someone’s hair but anyway, who was she to comment.  She got her scissors and started thinning down some of the ends of my hair, because she didn’t want my hair to look like it had sharp obvious cuts and wanted my hair to look naturally blended in at the layers. She did a good job of it, I think? I’ll know for sure after I wash my hair again and dry it; because often times that’s the best way to know for sure if you’ve had a good hair cut or not. Hmm. I think so?

Meanwhile, as she’s blending in my layers with the hair thinner, she’s also intermittently brushing off my face, using a thick bristle brush to remove any excess hair off it, and the brushing off wasn’t all that gentle.  I didn’t make a fuss about it.  Yet, it felt like a hard dab; as if you’d be painting on a rough canvas doing dabs on it for special effect, lol. So while she worked on my hair, the man comes back again from a room out of sight, and asks me if I was feeling OK, and again he said that he was very sorry for his heavy handedness, and are we still friends? I said yes we’re still friends, but he is NOT to dry my hair ever again. He promised he wouldn’t come anywhere near me again as he walked away like a scolded child being asked to go and sit in the corner somewhere, until further notice. The look on his wife’s face was not impressed.

This is a family business, he is also a qualified hair dresser, and he should never allow his thoughts and feelings (dreams) to get carried away into the nether land, especially while drying a customers hair, lol. No harm done. But seriously. It wasn’t intentional. I understood this. He simply was dreaming away in the glory of dog heaven dreams while not focused and not fully present on the task at hand. The whole situation was very funny though, even if my poor head copped it.

Anyway, with my hair trimmed, styled and coloured, I got up and walked to the counter to pay, and the wife said that because my hair is a lot longer now than it ever was (I’ve been a customer of theirs for some time now) it would cost me an extra $10. What? As soon as she said this, I said out loud, ’Here we go…‘ shaking my head at the same time totally appalled over the extra charge. If anything, I would’ve thought that due to the hair drying fiasco that she would’ve given me a discount as an expression of remorse and embarrassment for her husbands sake. But no. That was not going to happen. It’s OK. It’s a business. I get it. Prices will go up. I should’ve been informed about the $10 price hike upfront, though.  Don’t you think? I wasn’t.

This up pricing situation seems to be a recurring theme with most of the hairdressers that I’ve frequented. I should remember to ask before I take my seat if the price is still the same as last time, or better still, ask when making my appointment.  They’ve all done this to me though. Charged me more at the counter after the event. Hmm… Not happy. And yes, my hair grows fast! Still, I have my limit and when it is reached, I’ll find myself a new hairdresser, or I’ll cut my hair real short again.

I walked out of the hairdresser with a sore head, and feeling gobsmacked to be honest. As I drove home, I replayed the whole scenario in my head, (mental note, no dreaming while driving) and it made me laugh. I thought the whole situation was funny, but not the $10 price hike. Of course not!

Some men don’t realise how heavy handed they are, especially on a woman.

PS:  Should a hairdresser read this, please note that this is not written to offend you, but more to highlight how at a moments notice, a sequence of events can bring out the funnies in each of us. And yes, please, consider toning down the cost of your services! Thank you.


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