2018 – A new year begins again

And so we reign into 2018. Each new year brings with it hope for a better future for our little planet Earth, and for nature, and for all people and all living things, everywhere. It’s hard not to look back at the past either, at what once was, at what once transpired.

It’s hot today in Canberra. We’re currently sitting on 37 degrees. I’m not a fan of the heat or anything past 30 degrees, I find it unbearable. I’ve stayed indoors today, keeping my vertical blinds partially closed, keeping my place shaded from the hot sun. I’ve watched some TV, I’ve had something to eat and drink, and I’ve heard the comings and goings of my neighbours. My phone has not sounded once, and my dog has just about slept all day on every cool floor surface she could find. It’s funny watching her get up between sleeps and move to yet another spot only to fall asleep again. There’s nothing much to do in this heat and venturing outside does not appeal to me one bit. I’ve no intention on getting roasted, and my dog’s black fur coat is sure to attract the sun on her tiny little body. We shall stay put.

Can you believe it’s the 6th day of the year already? I’m not wishing my life away, BUT before we all know it, it’ll be Xmas and NYE again! Is it just me, or are you also noticing time moving faster as each year transpires?

In this past week I’ve come back home from Perth, after having visited my family over there. I’ve picked up my dog from her house sitter and I’ve had dinner out with friends followed by a game of trivia. Now that was fun! I’ve also been called by my employment agency asking me if I’m ready to start working again. When she asked me, I held a long pause, and then said, ‘Not until the end of this month…’ So she’s going to line up some interviews that will land me a job by end of this month. Good-o. This is what I call, ‘life-work-balance.’ Suits me perfectly fine. I work to live, and not live to work. That’s my philosophy for now and into the future, unless the sun stops shining and the earth stops turning, and if that ever happened, we’d all be stuffed, hey?

Here are some pics I took from my Xmas Perth vacation. (c)Gina


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