Book Cover

I finished reading this book today.

What did I think of this book?
I gave it a 3/5 rating.

From the onset, I immediately liked what I was reading, but as I progressed further and further into the book, I started losing interest. This is not to discount the author and his superior knowledge on this subject, with all due respect, but more about my mindset at the time of reading this book.

Let me explain.

I’m by no means an expert on meditation or on any science around the philosophy of meditation and enlightenment, so my boredom came about because I felt like I’d acquired this knowledge before, either through having read similar, or from having explored meditation in my earlier life (this sounds arrogant of me, but I promise you, it’s not intended to sound like that at all), and because the author tended to sermonise too much, in my opinion, which I found very annoying.

I think that the minute I realised this about the book, is about the time that I simply switched off and lost interest, but regardless, I still read it to the end, because I don’t like leaving books unfinished and at least wanted to give the author the due respect to read his book to the end.

Having said this, there were bits in the book that resonated with me, especially because it seemed ‘common core’ as the author puts it.  The bits where he speaks of questioning an emotion and getting an answer, and suddenly the emotion is gone! I’ve done this many times before in the course of my entire life, and I was thrilled that the author had also had this experience.  An example of this experience would be in which I’d suddenly be in a situation where I’d placed a judgement call (be it subconsciously) of someone new to me, and because of that judgement call, I’d find myself feeling aggravated, only to then realise in an instant that I’m feeling this way and to check-in with myself and ask the magic question, why? Why am I feeling this way about that person? And as soon as I’d get my answer, it’s like an epiphany and the sky opens up and the angels in the universe are all suddenly playing a harp together, and instantly, whatever feelings and thoughts I had of that person,  positive or negative, it’s gone.

Other than that, the other stuff in his book, was ‘common core,’ stuff that you may already know and may have tried before, such as; meditate.  Still the mind.  Feel the emptiness.  Know you are nothing and simultaneously know that you are something, that is in the here and now, forever more. Easy done for some of us, but not so easy for some of us.  For me.  What can I say? I’m here, right now.  My mind is actively active, but can be a blank as I focus on my breath or focus on simply being.

You get the gist.