2018. What it was.

In no specific order.

This time last year I was in Perth with my daughter visiting my brother and his family. It was so much fun. Perth is a lovely city to visit and I highly recommend it to you if you ever want somewhere new to go.

Soon after I returned home from Perth, I was dealing with smoke drift from my neighbours, that was very annoying, and I was getting more annoyed/aggravated by the day, as well as, feeling the same way by my other neighbours’ weird behaviours from the northern side, such as their loud music and chatter and their weird offerings that appear to be kind offerings on the surface, but are offered in the hopes that I’ll refuse them. So, it’s not really a kind offer, is it? It’s more them trying to convey the idea that they are cordially social and kind, but not really, if you know what I mean? Weirdos!

Subsequently, over the last few months, I’ve distanced myself from them.

I purchased a ceiling fan, which I’m so grateful for! Let me tell you that on a hot night, a ceiling fan is a lot better than running the aircon and a lot cheaper to run!

I went to many Meetup events along the way; brunches, coffee & cake, movies and walks. I’ve met a lot of people this past year, and it’s been a very slow process of making new friends.

Books. I’ve read 24 books this year! My aim was to read at least one book a month, and I have exceeded this by doubling it. I don’t think that I’ve ever read these many books before on any one year. It’s a small achievement but a goodie.

Then the smoking neighbour finally moved out and a new one moved in and it took them a whole month to move in. This amazed me. They are noisy. They have loud voices, mostly the noise comes from the voice of the father/husband. He has a loud voice. I’m trying to filter his voice out by ignoring him as much as I can, and it seems to be helping, but not really.

I’m waiting on a quote for double glazed retrofitted windows, which is meant to alleviate the external noise coming into my home. Well, I hope so! Overall, noisy and inconsiderate neighbours have been a major issue at my place this year.

There have also been a few trips to Sydney and back, visiting Dad. I’m shocked that he is single again. I’m hoping he will soften somewhat because he can be a very stubborn man.  Alas, it’s his life, and he has to live it for him.  Whatever happens, happens. That’s life, I guess.

I was also bored for a long time before I got a new job again. It was very welcome when it came. I enjoy being employed because it offers me social connections on a daily basis and it also gives me something to do that has a purpose, apart from the bleeding obvious such as paying bills, which no one can ever escape from. I’ve had two jobs in two government agencies this year.

I had a tree cut down in my backyard. I cut it down because on windy days it looked like it might snap and land on my pergola. I didn’t like it when it swayed from left to right, sometimes it’s leaves and branches almost touching my pergola, plus it got messy in autumn with the leaves blowing everywhere. I felt sad having it cut down because well, there went my small greenie effort for planet Earth.

I reconciled with my younger brother. It’d been about 5yrs since we last spoke. I was over and done with feeling angry at him and he was very eager to reconnect with me too. So, we’re all good now.

There was an odd dream I had earlier in the year about red roses and my daughter and how it made me suspected that she’d met someone new and wasn’t telling me about it, yet. Well, my dream was spot on it seems and everything it highlighted was also true. She had met someone new after all! Amazing. It pays to write down your dreams because, in retrospect, it becomes clear what the dream meant.

I finally got to go to Adelaide and visit my son! That was so good seeing him again after having had almost two years lapse between visits.

My beautiful dog Pixi turned seven. Awwww such a cutie! I can’t believe she’s seven years old already.

I had some blood pressure issues (hypertension) and weight gain issues, but it was only an issue when I was at the doctor’s office, because when I’m home and I measure my blood pressure and weigh myself, there is NO issue, at least not to the degree that it is at the doctor’s office. It’s been under control since I think.  I haven’t taken any measures for a couple of weeks now.  So here’s hoping it’s all good.

My best friend turned 60 this year and it was celebrated among some family and friends. It was a double birthday party though, as one of her friends was also having a birthday.

The battery on my laptop died after only 12 months had elapsed from the date of purchase!  Lucky it was replaced at no cost thanks to the product cover I have on it.

In my last job, there was some office politics which has been dealt with providing a good result. I’ve somehow managed to get everyone into a good place with each other. My boss was happy to learn about it and said to me, ‘You did it, G~, by gosh you did it!’ Ha. I felt weird getting that kind of acknowledgement.

In summary, it was a good year, if you remove the aggravating neighbours from this report, it’s all been good!

I hope you’re all well, and I’ll try to write more often this year.

Take care.



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