My day started with a walk around the Queanbeyan river with my dog Pixi. It was a lovely cool 17 degrees when we started our walk this morning, we went from a bridge to bridge around the Molonglo River which was followed by a stop at the Riverside Cafe where I indulged in a hot chocolate served with a marshmallow and a chocolate drop sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. There weren’t that many people around. I guess at the 11th hour of the day what was I to expect?

Pixi not always keen crossing any bridge

We saw a man feeding the black swans with white bread.  It looked like it was something he intended on doing as he had a whole loaf of white bread with him that he unloaded to the swans.  Doesn’t he know you’re not supposed to give white bread to black swans?

From there I drove home and as always Pixi expressed her excitement by squealing her little barks at me while wagging her tale really fast as I drive into my garage. She knows this is home and always welcomes our return here with the same exuberant excitement. The familiarity of home puts her at ease because she suffers from mild anxiety, and when we’re home she feels safe and sound.

After I remove her harness, I look around and I’m bored already, and with boredom comes the urge to eat something just to fill the void, so I grab an early lunch.  I reheat last nights dinner; a piece of salmon and some veg. Now let me tell you, reheating salmon in the microwave is not a good idea. It dries up the outer edges and its succulent flavours from last nights cooking are simply gone, evaporated and dried up from the microwaves. I half ate my salmon with a look of disgust on my face and gave the rest to Pixi, because she is never one to complain when it comes to food.

So I’ve cleaned up the dishes and I take a look at the time and I’m itching to go for a drive somewhere. Where to today?

I drive off anyway, unsure of the directions I’ll take. There are only so many shopping centres around Canberra to take up a part of my day, so as I’m heading north, I’m oscillating on 3 possible destinations, there are more, but I stick with the 3 of them for today. Woden, Canberra city or Belconnen. I’m thinking of my options.  If I go to Canberra city I’ll be pay parking. If I drive to Woden or Belconnen I can get 2hrs free parking, but getting to Woden or Belconnen means the cost of fuel used will equal the cost of the car parking at the Canberra Centre, so with this logic, cough, I’m headed for town.

After I park my car, I take a walk around and enter and exit some stores around the shopping centre and I’m bored shitless already. Fuck me dead! Like really, this is shit. The lunch hour rush of public servants eager to grab a bite in a hurry has come and gone. The place feels empty now. I decide to sit down for a bit of tea and an apple pie at Cherry Bean. I scoff it down as if I’d never eaten pie before. It was sweet but so delicious!

Inside the Canberra Centre.  I had my coffee at the very bottom end of this at Cherry Bean.

I started writing this entry inside Cherry Bean and am now pausing it to continue writing some more once I get back home. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I’m home. I open the garage door and I hear Pixi squealing and barking at her excitement as she hears me come in.  I have purchased a folder and some plastic sleeves to replace a folder I’ve had since I don’t know, the early 80’s? It was barely holding onto the sleeves and the locking device in the middle was broken. So I set about replacing the old with the new and while I was at it, shredded some of my referee reports from my 20’s! Like who keeps referee reports from that long ago? I guess that would be me. Geesh.

Happy it’s all up to date now.

Just ate a bag of popcorn.  Filling the void again! Arghhh.

What do you do when you’re not employed or perhaps retired from the workforce? How do you pass your day? What do you do?