POTUS – for real.

Views expressed herewith are my own. My views are not intended as a personal attack on anyone  reading this. Of course you are at liberty to make your choices, and as we all know, with every choice we make there are always consequences. Know thyself.

I’m not impressed America!

You have voted and your electoral system has given you and the world ‘Trump.’  Let’s hope that Trump as POTUS provides the answer and hope to the many disenfranchised ‘forgotten’ Americans  with the change that they so desperately want and need, so that you are inclusive and are productive in the land you call home, your America.

Based on what I’ve witnessed via MSM so far, I’m not liking your chances and I’m not liking the worlds chances at the throes over Trumps oscillating whims. It is what it is. You have voted and now we all need to give POTUS a chance to govern and be the president that you all hope he will be.

I am also astounded at the level of ignorance demonstrated from the mouth to microphone interviews journalists produced as they asked some of the Trump supporters; I’m certain you are all more intelligent than this and that it’s not a complete reflection of who you are, ”Do you believe that all women deserve respect? Yes I do. What about that T-shirt you’re wearing, what does it say? It says, ‘Hillary sucks, but not like Monica. Trump that bitch.’ — And you say you respect all women? Yessum, I do sir.”  WHAT? Or , “He’s not gonna take our guns and he’s gonna kick out Muslims.”

Amongst the disappointment being felt everywhere today, including the popular 47.7% of American voters for Hillary Clinton, there is also a lot of good will and well wishes, as well as, international diplomatic respect for Trump, with the provision of a ‘positive’ change of things to come.  Well, at least let’s all hope so, let’s all hope that he will not let you and the rest of the world down.

I was especially warmed when Hillary Clinton offered her full support to Donald Trump when she delivered her concession speech when she said, ‘I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans.  We must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power. My friends, let us have faith in each other, let us not grow weary and lose heart, for there are more seasons to come and there is more work to do. ‘

What a woman and what a brilliant speech!

I know her speech was well received.


All lives matter.

What is in a day? Plenty? Very little? Maybe a bit more than very little?

Most of us are preoccupied by many different things on any given day, and some of these things could be big things, or they could be minor things, silly things, serious things, or they could be trivial things.  Overall, they are things that matter to each of us, they make up the things that we know that make up the sum of our lives.

Our world sheds light and dark each day and night, and mostly humans are the creators, the generators, the destroyers, the affixed, the builders, the demolisher’s, the heritage keepers, the healers, the discoverers, the scientists, and sadly in some parts of the world, the bombers and the annihilators.

It pains me.

Images in the media of what once was a city or a town, where there once was infrastructure, farming, market places, communities of people, governance and a home for many, show the destruction of these things that has taken place in recent times, it shows of the many people suffering and dying. It’s horrendous.  Many lives lost for what purpose? Innocent people and children lost to the world forever.  When will all this madness and these wars stop?  Enough is enough!

Social media is filled with photos of war, death, bodies scattered over bombarded building debris, and in every possible space, it is beyond horrific to witness.  This Syrian Doctor Has a Message to the Whole World. Where is the humanity to help the survivors and the destitute people? It is not acceptable for any government to allow the death fields to continue and to not intervene and stop the madness.

Dead babies found on coastal shores Syrian baby refugee is heart breaking, beyond comprehension, extremely tragic, and not acceptable. All lives matter.

Please stop the madness.

If everyone would just stop the madness, the world would be a better place for it.

Everyone deserves to live a safe life.

Everyone deserves refuge, a safe place to live and a place to call home.


FORMAL COMPLAINT TO THE ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER “Demanding a new election” — Mark M Aldridge Blog


FORMAL COMPLAINT TO THE AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER Regarding the conduct and counting of the 2016 Federal election. 10th of July 2016 By email; Trudi.Fenton@aec.gov.au Copy sent; Paul.Langtree@aec.gov.au Dear Electoral Commissioners Re; Formal Complaint I am writing in response to numerous complaints regarding the conduct of the 2016 Federal election, complaints I have […]

via FORMAL COMPLAINT TO THE ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER “Demanding a new election” — Mark M Aldridge Blog

Toyed like puppets on a string.

There is nothing worse than coming across a news item which isn’t going to make your day, is there? And when you hear it you’re not exactly jumping out of your skin with excitement, because you know you can’t do anything about it right now, and that you don’t have the power to change it because it is out of your control, right now.

Which leads me to ask;  Why is it that some people have more control than others?

Privilege is the word.

The dictionary defines privilege as; a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most; in this case, I’m talking about politicians!

Politicians either run their agendas based on what they believe people want vs what they believe people should or should not have.  They determine what is best for us because we ‘supposedly’ voted for them to work toward our best interest.

Instead, more often than not, voices are ignored and what people ‘really’ want is being replaced by what the government of the day really wants. This can result in…

Adults telling other adults what is best for them.  Can you believe it?

When we march in protest we do it because we’re angry with the government’s agenda and because we feel toyed like puppets on a string, and we do it because we want politicians to know that our vote counts, and we voted for them because we believed in them, and to show them that our votes will not favour them next time.

They should be scared.  They should serve in our best interest and not toward our detriment.

This is not suggesting that I voted for the government of the day.

That is all.