Under the sea

I love the blue and white combination. This sketch reminds me of what might be at the bottom of the ocean.


A purple feast

I love how the colours come together in this sketch.  I’m still learning new things from the sketching tool and once I get a good understanding of it’s parts, I hope to create something a bit more mature.

Innermost eye

More practice at sketching and it is still at a very experimental stage. Very much a novice!

I named this sketch ‘Innermost eye’ because I’d imagine a person with a 6th sense would transcend into an unknown realm in the inner mind and perhaps this is what it might look or feel like? Look smack in the middle and it looks like an opening into another world…

Playful sketchings

Trying out sketching on my laptop.

This one looks like some weird microscopic bug.

And this one is just random floating atoms, I think… It looks pretty.  Would make an interesting wallpaper, lol.

And I especially like this one, as it looks like I went into space and snapped a photo from there.