Rejection: A Writer’s Rite of Passage

by Monique Hall Nearly five weeks ago, I battled nerves and self-doubt but finally managed to hit send on my manuscript submissions to the editors I pitched to at the RWA Conference at the end of August. A few days after that, I participated in a Twitter pitch contest—an attempt to pitch your manuscript in […]


Seniors on holidays

Senior Couples on Holiday, Street Cafe

Senior Couples On Holiday Street Cafe(Credit Travel Pictures Ltd;  SuperStock)

I remember just loving that moment; sitting under the morning sun with my best mate Pete seated next to me and my two great friends, James and Lorna totally engrossed in what I was saying.  We were all so happy and relaxed, just as happy as the sun shining all around us.

I can’t remember what I was saying, and I kind of have a vague memory of something to do with my trip down at the markets one morning, where I saw a leather jacket I wanted to buy at a stall and how I tried to bargain a purchase.  The seller was trying hard to get the maximum amount for the jacket and I was trying to bargain the price down.  After a bit of time caught up in the challenge, I honestly felt like I was caught up in a flirt instead of a battle of wits, and as soon as I’d realised this I bailed out and thanked the man for his time; and if looks could kill, holy baloney, I wouldn’t be here to recount this story.  I know.  I’m being dramatic.  He was not impressed.

That morning as we sat under the morning sun, I remember that for some reason, one account lead to another, and before we knew it we ended up having several rounds of tea and coffee.

Our holiday was so much fun.  At least we have the memories now to remember a time when we dared to venture to places we’d never been to before.  It was good to actually do it, rather than just talk about it, as we did for years and years.  What with work, raising a family, and constant obstacles in our way, our holidays never happened.

Finally, we were free from the many responsibilities we had and could enjoy the fruits of our labour.  It’s been a long time coming, and it truly was worth it.  If you can afford to, go and have that holiday you’ve always wanted to have before life takes over again.

It’s been over a year now since we went on our holidays, and we’re already primed up for our next trip.  This time we’re going on a cruise.  Can’t wait!