What is it?  It is a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement, and this sums me up right now.

I have felt this sense of ennui for some time now, and I blame it entirely on the lack of stimulating activity I’ve endured in recent times. I have pondered on how I can fix this. Sure there are a myriad of things that I could do to change this, but nothing is attracting my attention right now. Nothing at all, it seems. Is this possible?

Many people around me seem to have hobbies that keep them stimulated, interested and preoccupied. What are my hobbies? I examine this in detail and discover that just about everything is a hobby; well according to Wikipedia it is. It lists that there are hobbies under various streams sporting titles that cater for indoors and outdoors; collection hobbies, competition hobbies, and observation hobbies. As I sift through this list, I realise that I have many hobbies after all, but none of which stimulate my interest. Well, that’s just a great thing. Isn’t it? I’m feeling bummed now. No, not really. It’s OK.

Where to from here?

How do I overcome this feeling of ennui?

I’ll ride it like a summer breeze until it will pass.

To be alive is to feel the varying feelings that life bestows upon us. I feel these things because I am reminded that I have it good, and life is a blessing.

It is human to feel emotion. Each one is valid.


The changing nature of things.


I’m always in awe of nature and especially when it puts on a display like this.  This photo was taken from my iPhone so it’s not of the best quality.  Isn’t it amazing though, that if we look up often enough, we will see lots of things going on in our skies.

It didn’t rain or storm on that day.  Instead, there was an almost eerie calm, and no matter how still I stood as I watched the cloud and light ahead, I felt like I was moving with the cloud, which was forever changing, and at times, forever still.

And it is in moments like these, that my primal instincts kick in.  This is when my urge to find shelter, seek safety, move to higher ground, and get out of harms way, that I realise my fragility.  Nature is very strong and very powerful, it is a force not to be reckoned with.  Nature is indeed beautiful, but it can also be dangerous.

As one of the many things that I observe; the sea, earth, wind, and fire, these things can all change in an instant.  It is ironic that what nurtures me, can also be harmful for me.