Good writing

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Everything is synchronised

Past, Present, Future

It’s not always a given that on each day I will post an entry.  It can be a challenge to find what to write that is of any significance, yet at the same time, I know that when I write, I write freely, unplanned, and free from subjective discourse.  Often times, my title comes to me at the end of my entry.  Often times, I’ve no idea what I’ll write, as in this moment, I’m writing without a subject in mind.  Right now, I’m wondering if I’m making any sense, since what I don’t have a subject to focus my story on.  Perhaps, the fact that I don’t have a subject, is the subject?  Isn’t that a funny thing that what we consider is a nothing, is actually a something?

As I type this, I’m gathering memory. I recall an incident today in which I was walking along in a shopping centre, minding my own business, when out of the blue, an ex-boyfriend appears beside me, as if from nowhere, and taps me on the arm as he greets me using my name, and then doesn’t stop to chat.  My impression was that he was rushed, running late to meet with someone.  It was odd to run into him in this way, we’ve not seen nor spoken to each other in just over 2yrs.  A memory now, from a time past. 

Funny thing how things are sometimes synchronised.